Marketing and Management

Business Simulations

MDV is proud to represent the company Business Today on the Bulgarian market.
We offer generic business simulations developed for different industries but we can also tailor each aspect of the game according to your preferences, processes in the company and training needs identified by the HR department or management team. The format is suitable for creating awareness of the business processes within a specific company, developing organisational and financial knowledge and in addition, it is a great way to strengthen the partnership between employees and build up the team spirit.
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Strategic Marketing - Foundations

This programme is intended to set a foundation in the principles of marketing. Participants might have a broad range of experience and seniority, though we understand few, if any, will have any marketing qualifications. The programme is also suitable for non-marketing staff. The Foundation in Marketing is intended to give everyone an introduction to a broad range of marketing activities. It does not seek to create experts on any one topic but it does aim to give participants practical skills and knowledge which they could apply immediately in the workplace. It will also act as a foundation for introducing people to subjects that they will learn about in more detail as their development progresses. The full objectives are set out overleaf.
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We offer tailored workshops with a focus on marketing planning covering external environment analysis including competition, deep analysis of the marketplace customers/potential customers and their attractiveness, determination of target market(s) and values required by this market(s), detailed review of tactics to be employed for this market(s). Such workshops, being very practical in nature, would have an approach of explaining the theory and then participants would apply this to their environment. The outcome would be a skeleton/outline marketing plan. As a result the participants will re-examine their marketing plan or create a marketing plan.
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