This approach, could be applied in combination with:

  • a workshop to produce an outline plan for each strategic (marketing) initiative
  • a training session for participants looking in more detail into each/selective aspects of the plan
  • a workshop to examine the plan further – a marketing audit

This training is targeted at Marketing department personnel involving:

  • some pre-research into customers, competition, market for example
  • a workshop (3 day) covering the general topics from Marketing foundation
  • Eg. external environment analysis including competition etc.

We would like all participants to find the course both interesting and enjoyable. Our aim, therefore would be to make the sessions:

Interactive seeking views and encouraging discussion.
Relevant adhering to the agreed objectives and course content.
Appropriate to the understanding of the audience.
Topical relating the content to real-life examples and, where appropriate, current news stories.
Of practical benefit introducing tools and techniques that can be used in the workplace.
Stimulating provoking thought and discussion, and using various techniques to communicate the messages (see “Deliverables” later).
Memorable making the content of value, and supplying reference material and other items for participants (again, see “Deliverables” later).
Informal making the session fun, without diluting the messages, and by making the tutors accessible before, during and after the sessions.


One of the objectives of the Course is to:

“develop marketing skills that can immediately be applied in the working environment”

In order to facilitate this we will provide pro-forma material allowing participants to record:

  1. the five key learning points after each session
  2. three key objectives for activities which will be done differently as a result of the programme; completed after the full programme.
  3. We suggest that this record could be reviewed by the participant with his/her immediate manager at the end of the programme and at some time after the programme (say, after 90 days) to assess if the objectives have been met.

Follow-Up Workshop

As part of ensuring that the course impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of activities in the work environment we recommend a two/three day follow-up workshop involving the participants in the course, approximately three months after its delivery. This would be based around a full case study and would require detailed application of the course’s learning outcomes. Discussion would be needed to define the workshop in more detail and it does not directly form part of this course proposal.