Presentation skills – Level 1

Course Overview:

If you make small scale presentations to clients and colleagues and need to be sure you are getting your message across effectively, confidently and memorably this programme is for you. It will give you practical exercises in negotiation and sales techniques. It will ensure that you are doing everything to make your audience feel comfortable with you ,and that you are creating the best possible conditions for success. It will give you skills that you can use in life: at the office and elsewhere.


Main Topics:

Participants will receive training in the following essential public speaking skills:

  • Anticipating the audience’s requirements/objectives.
  • Indentifying your own objectives.
  • Preparing a presentation: success is 90% preparation.
  • Backup: slides and handout material.
  • The job: winning over the audience and making the audience feel comfortable with you.
  • Putting your message across.
  • Listening. What is your audience saying to you?
  • Reading body language.
  • Selling: negotiation and sales techniques. (what does your audience want from you?)
  • How to compromise with advantage.Participants are asked to bring a typical presentation that they have or would use in their work. It should be about 6 minutes in length.
  • The programme will focus on learning through practical experience. Participants will present to the group individually but will also work in teams. They will practice negotiation and selling through role play and observation.

Your Tutor: Richard Berkeley