Speak to Inspire! Expert level

Course Overview:

Speaking in front of an audience is a performance that requires certain expertise.

In the field of performance, however good you are, or think you are, you will always need a coach.

For example, look at tennis players, runners, musicians and actors…

The people at the top of their professions cannot avoid using the services of a coach if they want to hold their position or improve it.

Your Tutor:

Richard Berkeley – Teaser from Clipatize on Vimeo.

Richard Berkeley

Why “Speak to Inspire!”?

  • Because we get into bad habits, bad habits that can ruin our performance or, at least, undermine our excellence.
  • We need an extra pair of eyes.
  • We need to practise, meet inspiring people and learn from examples
  • And as every high scorer knows: There is always room for improvement!

How are we going to succeed?

  • We will begin with an assessment of the participants’ skills. Reminding and practicing when necessary.
  • Extend existing skills by introducing more rhetorical techniques.
  • Participants should feel they have the ability to use their imaginations and powers of expression to the full.
  • Examine how great speakers from the past have achieved their effectiveness. Learn to incorporate these techniques in their own work.
  • Each participant will be filmed and given group and individual feedback.
  • There will be a section on answering challenging questions.

This course is suitable for:

  • Presenters who aspire to be at the top of their art either as leaders or teachers;
  • Leaders who can inspire others to excel in their work;
  • Managers who want to impress with their communication skills;
  • Teachers who can make the difference;
  • People with experience who would like to improve their performance;
  • Those who have previously attended our popular training “The Art of Public Speaking”.