Dealing with stress

The modern work place is a stress incubator. Causes of stress fly at us from every direction. Mentally, we deal with them as best we can, usually successfully. Physically, well, physically we hardly give the consequences of stress any thought at all….the back pain, headaches, bad moods, blood pressure, often all caused by physical stress, even the way we sit at a computer.

Unfortunately, we must find some sort of solution to these physical problems because stress can kill and, if it doesn’t kill, it can cause any number of complaints which make life very uncomfortable for us and the people around us.

Fortunately, there are people who think about the physical consequences of stress and, as a result, we have a lot of simple techniques we can incorporate into our daily lives which will bring us great benefit. These techniques will give us more energy, help concentration, lower the risk of physical illness, even raise self-esteem and improve the way we communicate with other people. They are based on Alexander Technique, yoga and Pilates.

The Voice

The starting point with any stress programme is breathing. The voice depends on the breath and breath control. Anyone who is intending to speak in public or present ideas verbally must become aware of the way we breathe and the implications for communication. Thus, the stress techniques learnt in the first part of the programme will have an immediate and practical application for participants.

Trust and Team Spirit

The sharing of ideas to achieve a shared objective is a question of communication. We communicate in many different ways: verbally, physically, and mentally. All require trust: trust of ourselves and trust of other people.

Children learn trust through play. Actors, dancers, musicians and many other use the same techniques that should be used in school to build trust and develop the team spirit. When we speak, our thoughts carried in words which themselves are carried on our breath, enter other peoples` space, their mental and physical space. Thus, to be team players in a trusting environment we must develop special awareness and how to use it. A series of physical games will explore this area.

The outcomes

The results of this programme will give the participants ways to develop their own methods for dealing with stress and communication, based on awareness of the problem and simple life-long techniques. The benefits to the business may be less illness, more openness to new ideas, a greater willingness to share and risk.

The programme will explore all three aspects described above simultaneously. The participants will be required to wear comfortable clothes (women in trousers) and prepare a 3 to 4 minute presentation on any topic.

Your Tutor: Richard Berkeley