CBE Registration Form

ACCA CBE Registration Form
New ACCA CBE Booking
This field is relevant if your company is sponsoring your CBE and studies. If you are a self-sponsored student, please fill in "Individual" here.
Please mark your ACCA qualification route:
In accordance with the Bulgarian Personal Data Act, MDV Professional Education is authorised with certificate No: 0052891 to collect and maintain personal data records of its students. We need your date of birth in order to register you for the CBE. Please fill in this field.
If your company is sponsoring your CBE, please fill in details for invoicing.
If you would like to schedule more than one CBE, please mark the first date and we will contact you to confirm the next one.

Your completed registration will be sent to office@mdvtraining.bg

Please note that if for some reason you are unable to sit for the exam on the booked date and you wish to reschedule, you must inform us in writing at least 3 working days in advance. Otherwise you must cover the exam fee in full, despite being unable to attempt the CBE.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us:
T: +359 (0) 887 492 756