How we are going to do it:

Step 1: Interim mock exam – students will sit a specifically designed mock mock exam half way through their preparation process so that they start attempting exam questions early, as ACCA exam success is based on the right application of theory.
Step 2: F2F Feedback session – after the exam, students will be provided with instant half a day feedback session led by an expert tutor to discuss the mock exam, the pitfalls, exam techniques and will have the chance to ask specific questions.
Benefits for students:

  • Step by step guidance through the actual examination process
  • Start attempting exam questions early in the preparation process and not feel intimidated
  • Boosting confidence
  • Direct contact with a tutor, receiving instant feedback
  • Feel more reassured when comparing with their peers/co-workers


For further details and terms for the Mock Exam Feedback session, please contact MDV:
T: +359 (0) 887 492 756