CIMA logoCIMA is one of the most globally recognised and sought-after business qualifications. It combines accounting, finance and management with the leading-edge skills and techniques that drive successful modern businesses. BPP Professional Education is a renowned provider of CIMA teaching with an excellent track record of student achievements. Once qualified, you’ll be a Chartered Management Accountant with exciting career prospects in sight.
How to create the best CIMA schedule for you?
We would recommend that you plan a levels worth of study at a time and book your programmes as early as possible. This way you will ensure that you have secured your place, you can start to plan your time and are in the best place to progress at a good pace.

We recommend you follow these steps:

  • Choose your Integrated Case Study (ICS) sitting first and check when the ICS programme starts
  • Choose the study mode that meets your needs – you can study for all your exams via your preferred study mode or mix and match for different exams
  • Select Objective Tests (OT) programmes to start when you’re ready, and finish close to the ICS programme starting – an advantage of the OT exam format and the exams being on demand is that you can progress at the pace that suits you, as you can study for one or more OT exams at a time
  • You can study the OT papers within a level in any order, there is not a recommended route
  • Aim to sit your CBA exam within 2 weeks of your OT programme finishing for each paper
Check out the study options for CIMA that MDV offers in Bulgaria:

CIMA Books

MDV offers the full range of BPP study materials for CIMA in Bulgaria - hardcopies and ebooks available for all CIMA papers. BPP has introduced a new range of CIMA materials designed to reflect the changes to the CIMA syllabus introduced in January 2015. The materials are aligned to stages of learning to show how each item in the product range is mapped to the different components of the syllabus, and to ensure students are prepared for each stage of the qualification, gaining knowledge and confidence as they progress.
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CIMA Online Classroom

MDV offers BPP Online Classroom for CIMA in Bulgaria. This study mode gives you the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want, combined with the support of a dedicated tutor. All programmes have a start date and study guidance to provide structure, but you set the pace, with access to the library of online content including a comprehensive suite of lectures recorded by BPP experts so you have access to BPP tutor explanations whenever you need them, plus forums so you can interact with your tutor and fellow students.
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CIMA Online Classroom LIVE

MDV provides BPP's award-winning Online Classroom Live for CIMA in Bulgaria. This study mode is renowned for its interactive and engaging approach. It lets you study wherever you have internet access, and is ideal if you want this flexibility but like the discipline and motivation of a structured and timetabled course. The webinars, all delivered by our expert tutors, are recorded, so you can watch any you miss and you’ll be supported both inside and outside class by your dedicated tutor all the way to the exam.
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CIMA - Structure of the Qualification

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification is one of the most globally-recognised and sought-after business accreditations. It combines accounting, finance and management with the leading-edge skills and techniques that drive successful modern businesses. The full qualification consists of four levels and even though you are able to study at your own pace, we recommend you study the qualification a level at a time. In order to complete each level you will need to sit the relevant Integrated Case Study (ICS). These are available four times a year and focus on the skills employers look for. The assessments consolidate the learning at each CIMA level (Operational, Management, Strategic) to reflect real-life work situations. They are also taken via computer but marked in person by CIMA examiners. Take a look at the CIMA Levels information below:
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