CIMA Online Classroom

All our study modes include:

  • A combined programme with Taught, Revision and Exam Practice included
  • A personalised Achievement Ladder to track your progress and continuously identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive online learning activities and resources, including question feedback; access to up to 400 questions available for every paper and over 1000 explanations and expert led recorded lectures
  • Access to tutors for technical queries, personal feedback and support
  • Access to focus sessions that cover specific problems including technical areas, Achievement Ladder steps and key exam-related topics via online webinars
  • World class study materials

One programme per Objective Test exam

Already in 2015 BPP has trained over 7,000 students taking over 13,000 papers, and taking over 30,000 steps on the Achievement Ladder.

BPP’s Objective Test programmes are based around early and ongoing testing to reinforce learning, enabling you to feel comfortable in the exam and achieve the 70% pass mark.

Key features

  • Programmes can be studied at your own pace however they are designed to take between 6-8 weeks, covering the entire syllabus and including the final exam
  • Specifically designed around the CIMA 2015 exam style and the skills required
  • No need for Revision courses – you decide when you take the exam
  • Focuses on tutor-led question practice from the start
  • Exam standard OT questions throughout the programme to ensure you can learn and enhance your technique
  • Extensive question bank with detailed feedback – approximately 400 questions and 1000 explanations per paper
  • Exam standard questions from the start building your confidence step by step to exam success
  • Case Study Bridging Questions enabling you to start thinking about your ICS exam as soon as you have passed your OT

One programme per Integrated Case Study

Developed by BPP Professional Education’s CIMA case study experts who have run over 1,000 courses and helped over 12,000 students to case study success.

BPP Professional Education has trained 8 of the worldwide top 10 students, including the first placed Prizewinner for the new Integrated Case Study exams in the March 2015 sitting. BPP Professional Education’s record is second to none.

Key features

  • Includes 3 full mock exams based on the real pre-seen case studies released 6 weeks prior to the exam
  • Focuses on demonstrating CIMA’s core competencies and integration skills which is what the exam is marked on
  • Question practice to learn how to deal effectively with the real pre-seen in exam conditions via an ICS exam environment that replicates the real exam
  • No need for a separate Taught course as the complete programme focuses on key skills from day 1, utilising the knowledge you have gained from the OT papers
  • Access to online resources to refresh any technical areas before the programme starts allowing you to focus on the ICS exam skills from the start BPP Momentum and our CIMA programmes address that everybody is different and has different needs when studying

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