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How to order books?

You can choose to order hardcopy materials or buy their e-book version.

Download your BPP e-books through  Adobe Digital Editions. You can use the files on up to 3 different computer devices (a Kindle version is still to be developed). These are in .pdf format with a printing allowance of 15%.

Order and Receive your Study Materials in 5 Simple Steps:

1.     Download and fill in the order form (hardcopy or e-books accordingly)2.     Return the file by e-mail to office@mdvtraining.bg3.     Wait for your invoice4.     Pay via bank transfer5.     Receive your materials:

  • directly from our office
  • by courier
  • via e-mail (for e-books)

Quick ACCA hardcopy books order form

Quick ACCA e-books order form

Download your CIMA hardcopy books order form

Download your CIMA e-books order form




In Bulgaria MDV Professional Education offers the study materials published by BPP Learning Media.

BPP produces study materials that always meet the criteria set by awarding bodies for exam and syllabus content. We understand the key to effective learning is to allow students to access information in the manner which best suits them. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners and others prefer to gather information through practical examples. BPP has developed different suites of materials to support these personal preferences. So alongside traditional core Study Texts, you’ll also find materials such as i-Pass and Practice & Revision Kits. By tailoring these materials to specific learning styles, BPP has created a suite of resources that not only develop a deeper understanding of the topic, but also aid learning retention.

ACCA’s content Approval Programme

BPP Learning Media is an ACCA approved content provider and, as the first publisher to hold such an accreditation, has set the benchmark for producing exceptional study materials for students and tutors alike. The ACCA recently made some key changes to their syllabus, exam sittings and exam style. BPP has been proactive in meeting these changes with updates to study materials which reflect the syllabus and legislative changes coming into effect from the September 2016 sitting.

CIMA New Syllabus

BPP has introduced a new range of CIMA materials designed to reflect the changes to the CIMA syllabus introduced in 2017. The materials are aligned to stages of learning to show how each item in the product range is mapped to the different components of the syllabus, and to ensure students are prepared for each stage of the qualification, gaining knowledge and confidence as they progress.

AAT Study Support

BPP Learning Media has produced groundbreaking resources which are focused on and targeted at the AAT’s computer based assessments. Each AAT study material gives access to BPP’s Student Success Site – a personalised online study space packed full of free resources to aid your studies, including digital copies of your book and access to the revision skills bank

Study materials are free if you book training with MDV. Contact us to learn more about our latest promo offers. T: +359 887 492 126,