School of Finance and Accounting for Young Professionals

School of Finance and Accounting

Practical Training in Finance and Accounting

Capital in partnership with MDV Professional Education launches a School in Finance and Accounting for young professionals.

The programme is highly practical and is based on the best practices and standards of the professional qualifications AAT and ACCA – Knowledge (Foundation level).


  • The training is highly recommended for young professionals – both students, recently graduated or already in the beginning of their career in the field of accounting or finance.
  • The educational programme will boost the effectiveness of the finance teams and will enhance the performance of companies with big financial departments and shared service centres.
  • The course is also a good basis for preparation for the AAT and ACCA Foundation Level exams.


Classes start in October 2018 and will finish in December 2018.

The lectures are held mostly over the weekend for convenience of those who are already working or studying.

The Programme

The study modules are blended and will be held both online in an Interactive online classroom (OCR) as well as in a face to face classroom (F2FCR). All lectures will be in English.

The modules are split into three levels of complexity as follows:

Level 1 Introduction level – 1 month to complete

  • Introductory and Revision – Face to Face classroom (F2FCR)
  • 6 days lectures + home study materials
  • Start: 6 Oct 2018

Level 2 Apprenticeship level – 1 month to complete

  • Introductory and Revision – F2FCR
  • 6 days lectures + home study materials
  • Start: 13 Oct 2018

Level 3 Professional gateway – 1 month to complete

  • Introductory and Revision – F2FCR
  • 4 days lectures + Business case
  • Start: 1 Dec 2018
  • Feedback session in January 2018


  • 20% (Feedback session online or F2F), Starts: Dec 2017

Optional modules for knowledge

  • 4 topics, 1 day each , Starts: Dec 2018

Prices and Discounts

  • -10% discount for registrations before 31 August 2018
  • Single registration
    700 BGN per level per person (for edition October 2018)
  • Single registration for levels 1,2,3
    (no optional modules)
    2,000 BGN per person
  • Single registration for 1 optional module of choice
    250 BGN per person
  • Single registration for 3 levels + all optional modules included
    2,700 BGN per person
  • Group registration (above 3 participants)
    -20% of standard registration VAT excl.

All prices are VAT exclusive.
Only bank transfers are accepted.

Your Tutors

Georgi Kirilov

Lincoln Miles

Iliya Grozdanov

Tanya Kotocheva



This introductory level covers a range of basic accounting practices and techniques from costing and double-entry bookkeeping to entry level financial accounting terms and concepts. The learning contents is presented mainly in the form of practical questions and solutions, templates, proformas and easy to follow steps and guidance – all suited to be applied on the job immediately. It’s ideal if you’re new to finance or you’re looking to brush up on your foundation knowledge and skills.

Bookkeeping Transactions – 2 days

  • Double entry, debits and credits
  • General ledger accounts
  • Recording transactions
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Control accounts
  • Errors and the trial balance
  • The banking system

Cost Accounting – 2 days

  • Basic Costing
  • Types of costs (materials, wages, overheads)
  • Classification of costs: Cost centres
  • Cost behavior: Fixed costs and variable costs
  • Inventory classification and valuation
  • Comparison costs and income

Financial Accounting – 2 days

  • The role of financial function
  • Organizational framework
  • Types of reports
  • Presenting information
  • IFRS Framework
  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting concepts
  • Application


This medium level covers all necessary knowledge to enable the students to enter and maintain senior accountant position in a corporate or shared service centre environment. The level provides the complete set of technical skills to allow the successful execution of the day-to day routines and accounting transactions. The learning contents is presented mainly in the form of practical questions and solutions, templates, proformas and easy to follow steps and guidance – all suited to be applied on the job immediately. It’s suitable for you if you have general finance and accounting knowledge e or you’re looking to complete your knowledge and skills in a structured way.

Bookkeeping Transactions – 2 days

  • Business Documentation
  • Discounts and VAT
  • The books of prime entry
  • Recording credit sales/purchases
  • Recording Sales and trade receivables
  • Recording purchases and trade payables
  • Initial trial balance

Financial Accounting – 2 days

  • Accounting principles, double entry
  • Types of financial statements
  • Principles of financial reporting (Framework)
  • Purchase of non-current assets, depreciation, disposal
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Inventory
  • Irrecoverable debt
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Control accounts reconciliations
  • Trial balance, errors

Cost Accounting – 2 days

  • Cost accounting
  • Material costs and inventory valuation
  • Labour costs and expenses
  • Overheads
  • Absorption costing
  • Job batch, service, process costing
  • Variance analysis
  • Short-term and long term decision making


Introduces more complex accounting tasks like drafting financial statements managing cash flows. Develops understanding and technical skills for completing basic consolidation tasks and maintaining budgets. This final level also covers evaluation of financial performance of the company; touching on basic tax issues as well as covering important concepts such as ethics and legalities. The learning contents follows the previous levels as format and intensity. Practical workouts and business cases are included in each module to consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired. It is recommended to complete at least the online prep work for Level 1 and Level 2 in order to proceed to Level 3. It is addressed at financial professionals on senior accounting positions or Leaders of specific accounting business lines who would like to complete and extend their knowledge.

Preparation of Financial Statements – 2 days

  • Prepare the statement of financial position
  • Prepare the statement of financial performance
  • Prepare the statement of cash flows
  • Property plant and equipment
  • Intangible assets
  • Further accounting standards: Accounting for tax, leases, provisions
  • Revenue recognition
  • Group accounts: Business combinations and consolidation
  • Interpreting financial statements

Cost Accounting – 2 days

  • Decision making
  • Statistical methods
  • Standard costing / Variance analysis
  • Calculation of a break-even point
  • ABC cost accounting (mainly through a case study)
  • Cost management

Business Case

  • Final assignment


Budgeting – 1 day

  • Cost classification
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Budget preparation
  • Cash budgets
  • Limiting factors
  • KPI’s
  • Alternative budgeting methods

Cash management and Credit control – 1 day

  • Cash flow and profit
  • Forecasting income and expenditure
  • Preparing cash budgets
  • Monitoring cash flows
  • Liquidity management
  • Raising finance
  • Managing surplus funds
  • Granting credit to customers
  • Methods of credit control

Law and Tax (Bulgarian Legislation) – 1 day

  • The commercial code: emphasis on limited liability company
  • The civil code – type of contract, legal aspects of contracts,
  • Registers of companies, where to find information
  • VAT: Issuing VAT invoices
  • VAT deductibility for representation,
  • Income tax – the method of calculation, exemptions
  • Tax planning and transfer pricing

External and Internal Audit, Professional Ethics – 1 day

  • External audits of financial statements – audit cycle, auditor’s opinion
  • Internal audit, audit committee, internal audit responsibilities
  • SOX act and its requirements
  • Ethics and codes of conduct in business
  • What are internal controls, tests of controls and walkthrough


Please share your educational/ working background

Училище по Финанси и Счетоводство за Млади Професионалисти

The School of Finance аnd Accounting е отворено за всички, които имат желание да развиват кариерата си в областта на финансите и счетоводството. Независимо от предишния ви опит и успех, ако искате да работите като счетоводител, финансист или одитор, нашата структурирана програма ще помогне да надградите знанията и уменията си и да ги усъвършенствате, за да постигнете истинска реализация.

Програмата School of Finance and Accounting предлага идеалната първа стъпка за начало на кариерата, особено ако искате да откриете работа в местните офиси или центрове за споделени услуги на големи международни компании. Обученията изграждат технически умения за осчетоводяване и полагат основите на добра финансова грамотност при начинаещи специалисти, при това с бизнес терминология на английски език.

Работодателите също разпознават практическата подготовка като ефикасен и най-близък до работната среда въвеждащ трейнинг за новоназначени служители.

Интензивните курсове за млади професионалисти ще се проведат в периода октомври – декември 2017 г.

Планирани са съботно – неделни занятия, които са удобни и за работещи и за учащи.


Форматът обхваща три нива, които надграждат темите по сложност и развиват практически умения за решаване на реални бизнес казуси.

Ниво 1:Introduction level

В началното ниво участниците ще научат основни счетоводни практики и техники – от остойностяване, двустранно счетовоство и въвеждане на записи до увод във финансовото счетоводство, често срещани термини и важни концепции. Съдържанието е представено основно чрез решаване на практически казуси, стандартни бланки и проформи за лесно изпълнение на процеси с разписани стъпка по стъпка детайлни ръководства и инструкции, всички използвани в реална работна среда.

Ниво2: Apprenticeship level

Това средно ниво покрива всички необходими знания, които ще позволят на участниците да навлязат в спецификите на работния процес в бизнеса. Те ще изградят набор от технически умения, който би им помогнал лесно и ефективно да изпълнят поредица от ежедневни рутинни транзакции. Учебният процес е съсредоточен в решаване на практически задачи и казуси, попълване на таблици и усвояване на последователност от структурирани и лесно разбираеми чек листове за проверки на процедури.

Ниво 3: Professional Gateway

Трето ниво предлага усъвършенстване на практически умения за ефективно изпълнение на по-сложни счетоводни задачи като изготвяне на финансови отчети и управлени на парични потоци. Участниците развиват разбиране и тенническа експертиза за основни дейности като консолидации и бюджетиране. Възможност за надграждане на познанията по оценка на финансово изпълнение, данъчна оптимизация, етични и правни норми в счетоводството. Учебното съдържание следва логиката на предишните нива с фокус върху практика с реални примери от бизнеса.


Всяко ниво обхваща три основни теми:

  • Финансово счетоводство/ Financial Accounting
  • Счетоводни операции/ Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Отчитане на разходите и себестойност на продукт/ Cost Accounting

Допълнителни модули за надграждане на знания в м. декември:

  • Бюджетиране / Budgeting
  • Управление на парични средства и кредитен контрол/ Cash Management and Credit Control
  • Данъци и право (българско законодателство)/ Law and Tax
  • Вътрешен и външен одит/ Internal and External Audit

Подгответе се за силен старт в кариерата:

Не пропускайте шанса да се включите в конкурса за стипендии до 15 септември. След успешно завършване на обученията участниците ще се запознаят и с условия за стажове в сферата на финансите и счетоводството.

Заедно с нашите партньори-работододатели ще предложим на най-старателните и талантливи кандидати допълнителни възможности за развитие.

За повече информация за кандидатстване, условия и срокове може да се свържете с MDV Professional Education:

T: +359 887 492 126