We offer you and your colleagues / employees a development programme to build up your presentation skills in three consecutive courses. If you feel confident or if you are more experienced you can enrol for an advanced level but we suggest you to start from the basics. Our guest trainer Richard Berkeley will assess your performance on each step of the way. Richard will guide you through the process of perfecting your voice, establishing contact with the audience, controlling your presence on stage and he will help you overcome your stress. After these classes you will become aware of your own power to speak in public and master the art of inspiring people.


Let’s make a musical is a challenge involving writing a musical, rehearsing it and performing it, all in one day (if necessary)! Something few participants will ever have done before. The objective is to create an environment in which people feel confident to express, exchange and debate ideas; where self-confidence is built through team work; where musical theatre dominates and you can enjoy the rarely experienced magic of performance. You will challenge and blast preconceived perceptions, mental and physical barriers and lay the foundations of the common ground on which ideas can flow more freely.


The modern work place is a stress incubator. Causes of stress fly at us from every direction. Mentally, we deal with them as best we can, usually successfully. Physically, well, physically we hardly give the consequences of stress any thought at all….the back pain, headaches, bad moods, blood pressure, often all caused by physical stress, even the way we sit at a computer. Fortunately, there techniques that can give us more energy, help concentration, lower the risk of physical illness, even raise self-esteem and improve the way we communicate with other people. Join this class find out how to develop your own techniques.


Either you are born to lead or you are not! True. You must have certain essential traits, traits such as creativity, vision and commitment. But these traits are not enough to guarantee success. As a leader you have to bind other people to you and inspire them to stay with you on your journey, willingly and wholeheartedly, however rough the road. Having vision or giving orders are not enough to get people to work for a shared objective. A leader must show respect and humility, be prepared to listen, and learn to admit fault. A leader must be open and fair and kind. A leader must be generous and honest but assertive when necessary. The objective of this tailored course is to improve your leadership style through empathy and trust building.