Course Overview:

Most people do not look forward to speaking in public whatever the size of the audience. In fact, it is one of the activities in business life which many people fear the most. Yet, when a speaker is properly prepared, this fear can become a pleasure. Yes, public speaking can be fulfilling whatever the subject!

It is a question of mastering some simple skills, skills which will be explored and practised in this course.

Your Tutor:

Richard Berkeley – Teaser from Clipatize on Vimeo.

Richard Berkeley

This course is aimed at people who already have the skills, but who feel they need more. Perhaps they feel that they do not always connect with the audience as well as they should. In a society where aural communication is becoming ever more important, we cannot allow for uncertainty. Uncertainty costs money.

This programme guarantees to give you the tangible skills you need to communicate effectively with any audience. These skills will be practised individually with group feedback. Group feedback is a valuable part of learning. We learn from other’s mistakes.

Which are the skills that we are going to explore?


  • Attitude: Don’t undermine your self-confidence. You are speaking to help the audience, a great self motivator. Let’s get your attitude right.
  • Believe in your message: Express it with conviction and persuade other people to do what you want.
  • Stress: stress can ruin the best laid plans. Some simple techniques can reduce its effects and help us to live healthier, happier lives as well as transform our public speaking effectiveness.
  • Voice: This is our main tool of communication. We need to know how to use it effectively to inspire the audience. From the way we speak comes our body language (which we also need to know about.).
  • Dialogue: audience engagement techniques.