1asd. Introduction to the paper in a Taught phase with online recordings.

BPP Momentum helps students focus their study time and consolidate their knowledge with ease. The online learning platform is the most comprehensive online learning experience of any training provider.

Through pre-recorded online video explanations of each topic and abundant online study materials, it enhances the learning experience by allowing students to login, review, retest and recap anytime, anywhere. The learning platform provides all of the following:

  • Introduction to the paper – Guidance, Syllabus Overview, Key exam skills
  • Assumed Knowledge – contains study guidance from previous papers that would be useful for the student’s preparation for the current exam.
  • Learning Phase – this is the essential part of the online learning resources- recorded lectures and written explanations broken down into basic syllabus topics
  • Achievement Ladder Steps – progress tests set during the course to assess results partway through studying
  • Reference Learning Resources – soft copies of Study Text, Practice and Revision Kit, Passcrads, Course Notes, Revision Notes
2. Revision phase in a face-to-face class

To be successful in your ACCA exams, simply learning the syllabus knowledge isn’t enough. Students need to know how to apply this knowledge in the exam in order to pass.

Our face-to-face Revision courses will teach students the skills and techniques to pass their exams first time.

Face-to-face revision classes last for up to 3 days during which our expert tutors bring passion, enthusiasm and industry experience to the classroom making sessions highly engaging and motivational. Beyond the support you will receive during lectures you can also contact the tutors outside of the classroom for advice and guidance.

After the face-to-face Revision course, you will be able to:

  • Write in the correct style for the exam
  • Simplify your explanations to answer even the most technical questions
  • Build your time management skills
  • Feel confident with your knowledge

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3. Mock Exam in center

As part of your Blended course you can choose one of 2 days, set at least one week before your real ACCA exam in which you can test your skills and knowledge under exam conditions with an invigilator.

You will receive a fair mark on your work along with tutor feedback that will help you plan your individual home study in the run up to the real exam date.

The full set of questions and answers of the mock exam will also be provided for your reference.

4. Hardcopy materials

A set of hardcopy materials is also included in the price of the Blended classes. Students who have signed up for this format under standard pricing terms receive:

  • Study Text
  • Practice and Revision Kit
  • Course Notes


For more information about dates and prices and for bookings, please contact us:

T: +359 (0) 887 492 126